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Full-Service Equipment Rental Companies in Edson


If you are involved in oil and gas drilling operations, you will definitely need special machinery, equipment and services in order to make your operations successful. However, these things should only be sourced from a well-equipped company that is able to provide you with whatever you need. Fortunately, there are full-service equipment rental companies that are committed to providing topnotch equipment rentals and related services.

Full-Service Equipment Rental Companies in Edson

If you are searching for a company that can offer you great oilfield services or affordable equipment rental packages for your oilfield operations, there are full-service companies that have the capacity to meet your unique needs. They have large assortments of fully serviced equipment, trucks and other types of machinery that can handle the toughest tasks. Whether you need topnotch water well drilling or reliable oilfield rentals in Edson, these companies can reliably meet your needs. For instance, they normally offer:

  1. Water Well Drilling Services

These companies have some of the latest technologies and machinery that they normally use in their well drilling projects in order to provide you with exceptional water well drilling services. They have tough, durable and reliable drilling rigs that are able to provide you with clean and safe water even in the most difficult environments or conditions where inferior rigs may not cope. In addition, they also offer water pumps, water meters, hoses, fittings and other accessories at very affordable costs. If you need professional water well drilling in Edson, these experts can help.

  1. Rental Equipment

The oil and gas industry is quite dynamic, so you will need different types of equipment in order to have seamless operations. Fortunately, these companies have a huge assortment of equipment that will help keep the project on track and enable all of your operations to run smoothly until the project is completed. Moreover, they will help transport the equipment to your worksite, hence saving you the transportation cost and hassle. They can offer:

  1. a) Heavy weight drill stems
  2. b) High and low wall shale bins
  3. c) Flare stacks
  4. d) Diesel wash guns
  5. e) Fire extinguishers
  6. f) Tanks
  7. g) Floc tanks
  8. h) Mini vacs
  9. i) Geo shacks
  10. j) Pipe racks
  11. k) Light towers
  12. l) Scissor lifts
  13. m) Genie manlifts
  14. n) Grated steps
  15. o) Water well pumps
  16. p) Rig matting

If you need reliable oilfield rentals in Edson, these companies can help.

  1. Water Trucks

These companies also have different types and sizes of water trucks that can haul large volumes of potable water to your site for use in different applications. Their versatile trucks have been designed to allow for addition or removal of certain options to suit your specific application. They can offer you potable water trucks, rig water trucks or well-site trailers that will suit your needs.

These companies can also supply you with construction equipment, winch or bed trucks, vacuum and steam trucks, as well as gravel trucks. In the event that the equipment becomes faulty or dysfunctional, they can replace, repair or service it in order to optimize operations. Whether you need quality oilfield rentals, or water well drilling in Edson, these companies can help.