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Metal Fabrication in Sherwood Park


Whether you need custom metal shelving, pallet racking or more warehouse storage, it is always important to seek the help of professional metal fabricators. Fortunately, there are metal fabricating companies that usually offer a great range of products and services for different industries. They normally offer everything from pipe supports and saddles, to pipe shoes and custom metal fabrication services to suit your specific needs.

Metal Fabrication in Sherwood Park

If you are in Sherwood Park, you will find well-equipped welding and metal fabrication shops that can provide you with superior custom products and services to suit your needs. They have the right tools, equipment and materials to handle even the most complex tasks. Whether you need the best neodymium magnets or are in need of quality metal fabrication in Sherwood Park, these centres can help. They normally offer:

  1. Neodymium Magnets

If your shop has lots of metal parts or even debris, these experts can provide you with neodymium magnets, which can be used as either nail finders or metal detectors. From magnet grips to magnet sweepers, magnet plate drags and magnet lifts, they have practical solutions for your shop’s needs. Composed mainly of iron, boron and neodymium, these magnets are up to ten times stronger than ordinary magnets and are very affordable.

  1. Custom Metal Fabrication

These experts also have vast experience in providing quality custom metal fabricating services to clients in various industries. You can actually fulfill your business or individual needs for metal welding, cutting or forming by simply enlisting the services of professional fabricators from these shops. They normally take great pride in their quality of work, as well as delivering fast turnaround times. Moreover, they normally use very high-precision tools as well as equipment in order to offer advanced techniques for laser cutting and metal welding, among other things.

  1. Pallet Racking

These experts are also well known for providing a wide range of pallet racking solutions that are suitable for different businesses and storage facilities. If you have a warehouse or simply need a lot of storage space for your business, they will provide you with strong and reliable pallet racking that will enable you to maximize your space and increase your productivity. Moreover, they can also repair your old or faulty racks.


  1. Pipe Clamps

Whether you are working in the manufacturing, woodworking, construction, oil and gas or even transportation industry and need durable and reliable pipe clamps for your work, these shops can also help with this. Their strong clamps usually provide the right piping support system, particularly when you are working with very high-volume pipes, which are often under high stress or under huge amounts of weight. Whether you want to thread or cut your pipes, they have the right pipe support solutions for you.

The welding and fabrication shops can also provide you with the best shelving solutions. Their superior quality solutions are strong, reliable, and very durable. Regardless of the industry you are in, they can provide you with solutions that are best suited for you. Whether you are looking for good quality neodymium magnets or you are in need of metal fabrication in Sherwood Park, these shops can help.