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NetSuite Implementation: Common Mistakes That Affect Success


They withdraw from user training and after-sales service

Before starting the implementation project, the software vendor offers the management team various support plans that best meet their needs. These plans will include hours for user training and post-implementation support.

However, in many cases, in order to reduce costs, executives opt out of any support plan. Consequently, their employees remain untrained. This is a huge mistake that many business leaders make. If employees do not know how to use the system to its full potential, companies will not reap the full benefits of the NetSuite app; on the contrary, they will experience a decline in individual performance and therefore a decline in overall productivity.

User training and adequate support that can alleviate stress and reduce employee anxiety associated with using this new software. Investing in user training is a long-term asset that will increase their productivity.

Lack of participation of business leaders

In the guide, The Success Process, which we share with customers before any new NETSUITE software implementation, we stress the importance of administration participation in the planning process, as well as throughout the planning phase. What does this participation include? We fully understand that business owners and managers are extremely busy with their daily tasks and therefore they do not have the time to work and constantly monitor the implementation project.

Normally, companies will form a small internal team, of around 5 employees from different departments, to manage and oversee the NetSuite implementation project. The participation that we need from top management comes more in the form of support, motivation and encouragement especially when they see their employees frustrated or scared by the changes to come.

During the user training period, it would also be helpful if the leaders could reduce the usual tasks of their team for a short period of time, in order to take the necessary time to be properly trained by the software vendor.

Leave everything in the hands of the software vendor

We have said it before and we will say it again, a software implementation, especially a full NetSuite Consultant, is only successful if ALL parties are involved, because everyone in a company will be affected by the change.

Similar to mistake number 2 above, every team member, even leaders, must have some sort of stake in the implementation project. This requires consistent collaboration, it implies that the IT team and the business team work together and remain in constant communication as the project progresses, to ensure that everything goes well and that all needs are met.

It is important to explain to employees how their participation and role in the project will influence its success. This will give them a sense of commitment to the project and instill a positive attitude towards the system and the implementation process, which is certainly desirable.

Having unrealistic expectations of deadlines and costs

Each software implementation is unique. The suite commerce as a whole may be similar to other NetSuite ecommerce, but an implementation is never exactly the same. It is absolutely essential to share all your expectations and assumptions regarding the new system and the implementation phase. This includes time, costs, benefits, etc. By sharing all of this with the IT vendor, they’ll be able to set the record straight from the start.

For example, if you expect an implementation phase to last only a month, the IT vendor, with their experience and expertise, might give you a more realistic timeline. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed and frustrated when the implementation takes longer than your expectations. Together you will find realistic goals and expectations so that everyone is on exactly the same page.