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Quality Lifting Equipment in Medicine Hat


Whether you are constructing a bridge, installing a hot tub, erecting a tower, a billboard or sign, or you are handling a municipal, commercial or residential project, you are most likely going to be lifting heavy loads to different heights or moving them to different locations. When such a time comes, you need to have the right lifting equipment with you. Depending on the nature of the project, you may need a crane, a picker or even a boom truck.

Lifting Equipment in Medicine Hat

If you need superior lifting equipment in Medicine Hat, you will find well-established companies, which have an extensive assortment of modern equipment that can meet the unique lifting needs of your project. They have numerous fleets of well-serviced and well-maintained boom trucks, cranes and pickers that can handle a wide range of lifting tasks. Whether you are in need of a good boom truck or need reliable crane service in Medicine Hat, these companies have you covered. They typically offer:

  1. Pickers

These companies usually offer different types and sizes of pickers to clients in Medicine Hat as well as surrounding areas. Their highly skilled crane operators can handle indoor and outdoor lifting jobs, while their smaller pickers enable them to get into buildings quite conveniently. Ideally, their fleets consist of:

  1. Fixed and hanging-man baskets
  2. 50-ton cranes that have 128-feet live sticks and 40-feet jib
  3. 26-ton pickers with 102-feet live sticks
  4. 25-ton pickers with 94-feet live sticks
  5. Boom Trucks

If your worksite has numerous work areas which need lifting equipment, these companies can provide you with great boom trucks to help you meet your lifting needs. They have powerful, versatile and easily movable and maneuverable boom trucks that can be used for installing:

  1. Residential electrical fixtures
  2. Municipal streetlights
  3. Commercial signage

However, these are limited in terms of reach or lift capacity. And that is where cranes come in.

  1. Crane Service

If you would like to lift heavier loads or reach extended heights, then cranes are the best option. They are strong and stable lifting equipment that can be used for:

  1. Erecting steel beams for different tower or high-rise projects
  2. Flat roof installation
  3. Erecting of municipal power lines

Fixed cranes, in particular, usually offer better stability, although they are a bit slower when you want to move to the other areas of the worksite.

  1. 24-hour Emergency Services

These companies also have skilled operators that can handle all of your emergencies. You can count on them to provide you with mission-critical and last minute boom truck or crane service in Medicine Hat. For instance, they can help you to extract an overturned vehicle, clear away heavy debris or work on a range of other emergency scenarios.

If you are working on a commercial, industrial, residential, governmental or municipal project that involves lifting and moving of very heavy loads, these companies can provide you with topnotch lifting equipment to help you handle the job. Whether you need a boom truck or are handling a project that requires crane service in Medicine Hat, they have everything you could need.