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Reasons Why Wrought Iron Fencing is Gaining Popularity in the Architectural World


Functionality and beauty are the two favored concepts, and people are looking for when it comes to wrought iron fences. Combining the two will give your fence, utility, but in a classy way. While it is the beauty of elegant ornaments that made iron fences a thing of beauty, it is also its functionality and utility that made it very advantageous to be used in home improvements. Listed below are the reason why we love to use wrought iron fencing.

  • Wrought iron is an alloy, which makes it less susceptible to rust and corrosion compared to pure metal. It is because of a fibrous material that is mixed with the alloy called slag.
  • Wrought iron fences are not 100% rust proof. It will eventually corrode and rust, but with a good paint job every three to five years, or a restoration job every ten years, it will keep the fence good looking and working for at least a decade.
  • Iron fences are known as the “100-year fence” because of its durability and. It can survive extremely long wearing and harsh environment. It is also immune to denting, bending and shock.
  • Because of the strength of the material, the fence excels at different security purposes. They are the best choice for families with pets and small children (make sure that the wall is high enough so that big bets like dogs can’t jump over it.) It can also be used as a safety precaution for swimming pools. For commercial uses, tall iron fences can safeguard factories or buildings from intruders, whether it is animals or humans.
  • Wrought iron fences, whether it is just a small or significant portion can be overhauled without the need to change the entire wall
  • Iron is very ductile. It means that the material can be shaped into whatever the user wants. You can develop it into an artistic type of fence without compromising its security features. These kinds of barriers can be the main feature of your home, not just a marker for your boundary.
  • Working with this kind of material is a work of art. The iron is made and forged handmade using special tools that give it its distinct decorative appearance and feature. With high quality, comes with an expensive price tag. The least expensive substitute is molded iron that is shaped by putting molten metal into molds to form beautiful designs. But compared to wrought iron materials, it has lower quality, and the handiwork is not on par with the real one.
  • Wrought iron fences are made using a wide range of designs and styles that can complement any home decoration, whether it is modern, traditional, casual or formal designs. These kinds of fences boast elegant curves twists, turns and scrolls in a nostalgic, charming, Victorian influence architecture.
  • Barriers using wrought iron can be seen through. Other people see this as a significant downside, but if you want a little privacy by putting up a big wall like a castle, you will appreciate this see-through feature. The fence will not block the natural lighting provided by the sun as well as the view outside your home. If you are planning to sell your property, the beautiful design of your fences will add to your home’s property value as well as give the property the appeal that most people look first when they are buying a home.
  • When fencing the boundary of your area, wrought iron will accent the beauty of your property like the patio, the garden, the balcony or the front porch. Because the design will not compromise the security features of the fence, you don’t need to build a big or tall barrier. One to three feet of iron fence is enough to provide security as well as add beauty to your home. And since you don’t need a lot of materials, it will cost less to install iron fences.
  • And lastly, installing an iron fence in your home can help save the environment because the materials used are all eco-friendly. First, you don’t need to change the barriers too often, and all the materials can be reused or recycled. Antique or vintage wrought iron fences, railings, fence posts and gates are a sought-after commodity and very in demand in antique shops and architectural salvage stores. And last but not the least, when these iron fences have served its purpose, they can be melted again and molded to form things like metal sheets or steel frames for gates. Or you can sell the recycled irons to the metal dealers for extra cash