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The best-kept business finance secrets in 2019


In business, there are a few things that nobody will tell you, but you need to know them nevertheless, in order to be successful. In business finance, you need to be extremely sharp and willing to innovate all the time.

Making it is not easy. It takes a determined, hardworking and diligent individual to do so. This is why you need to know what successful business people have done, or are doing in order to stay afloat and to remain at the top of their game.

Do not leave anything to chance. We’ve collated a few of the best kept secrets about business finance and how to become the cream of the crop in 2019:

Create something that is of real value.

Remember that most businesses succeed because they are able to solve a problem. When people need a product, you sell it to them. When there is no-one else providing a service that people are looking for, you become the service provider.  Sounds simple? Well, in essence, it is. This is how you make a business. Solving problems and creating providing that people really value and need.

Truly successful businesses don’t just exist for no good reason. They are designed to solve the problems that a population has. Sales are as a result of you fulfilling a need and solving a problem for the customer.

This is not the only secret to success of course. Once you identify a need, you must come up with a solution that is considered good value to your customer. That doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. It just means that your customer can see that they are getting a product or service that matches or exceeds their expectations for the price you are asking them to pay for it.

Try to improve the lives of other people.

This point may appear similar to the first one, but they are totally different.

When trying to improve the lives of other people, you are literally required to come up with products that will make their lives better.

For example, the inventors of the refrigerator, made life much easier for people in the home and industry by preventing food from being wasted when it could not be kept cold, thus saving people money, waste and even preventing starvation. 

Clearly not all businesses can claim to have ambitions as lofty as saving populations from starvation, but businesses can and should make lives better for people.

Companies such as Amazon have made it such that we do need not leave the comfort of your homes when we want to buy a product. They have revolutionised the way we lead our lives in an infinite number of ways and solved an infinite number of problems for customers. That is how they have become the biggest company in the world. 

Be Authentic and transparent.

One of the greatest problems facing businesses is the fact that most of their work is a duplicate of someone else’s. This is why one of the secrets for you to succeed in business is to ensure that you are authentic.

Do not copy someone else’s work. Come up with your own ideas and ways of doing business so that you can stand out as unique.

When you stand out, you attract a different audience – one who associates with and relates to you. That difference might just mean the difference between success and failure.

You should also aim to be transparent and operate with integrity. Do not aim to make a profit as a result of cheating or lying to your clients. Always endeavour to make lasting and trustworthy relationship with your clients so that they can trust you, do more business with you, and even recommend you to others. Cheating or lying may help you make profit in the short term but it is never the way to build a long-lasting, successful and admired business.

Being transparent also means that you do not have any hidden charges in your business. Sell what you have to sell at the right price, at the price you have quoted your clients. Do not end up adding charges that had not been communicated originally, as this will lead to a lack of trust from your clientele.

Be positive.

You must always be positive about your business. Regardless of how things are, always see yourself succeeding, and making it through the blip stronger and more invincible.

They say that positive thoughts attract positive results. If you ensure that no matter what, you are always talking to your clients in the right way, and always trusting that things shall indeed work out, then you may find yourself being extremely successful.

Trust your instincts. Taking advice from experts is a wise move as none of us knows everything in business and there is always plenty to be learned from others’ wisdom and superior knowledge. However most people start their businesses with an instinct and a drive for what they do which can be snuffed out when they allow people to give them the wrong advice. Ensure that you stick to your ideas and instinct, and keep believing in yourself.

You should be the first person you consult your new ideas with, not outsiders, who may not have your same passion, understanding or your best interests at heart.

It is very easy to lose a business that you have worked hard for, just because of some poor decisions you made as a result of receiving the wrong kind of advice. Don’t fall into that trap.


Much can be said about business secrets, and there is always something more we can learn to help us succeed further. One of the best ways to learn business secrets is to spend time reading about other successful business people in order to understand what it is that they did and how you can emulate it. But always trust your instincts, be authentic, and remember why you started your business in the first place.