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Ways to Change Your Business’ Identity in 2019


In the life of any business there comes a time when renewal is needed to ensure continuous growth and to regenerate interest in the business, the same applies to any commercial property business. With time, a business acquires an identity and it can start off being brand new and innovative, even revolutionary but as time goes it can become ordinary, stale or even just downtrodden. When it reaches this stage, it is time to renew or change your business identity or you run the risk of losing custom and therefore, money.

There are many aspects of how you can change your business identity but this piece will focus on the ways in which you can change your business identity by altering the landscaping where your business is located.

Do an assessment of your property

The first place to start is with your property and the landscape, do an honest and brutal assessment of the physical condition of the building, the hard landscape and the soft landscape.

Answer the following questions:

• Is there still a good marriage between the building’s architecture and the landscape?

• Does the landscape still complement the building?

• What is the street appeal of the property?

• How do employees, tenants, clients and shoppers feel about the property and the surrounding environment?

• What is the physical condition of the property and the surrounding soft and hard landscape?

• Are there any changes in the area in which the property is located, new developments, roads and other changes?

Interpret the results of your assessment

After the assessment of the property has been completed it is important to sit down and evaluate the results of the assessment. This will enable you to decide on a plan of action that can be implemented to change the identity of your business. The following changes to the landscaping must be ensured if you want to successfully change your business identity:

• The landscape must ensure that the commercial purpose of the building or property is achieved by contributing an environment that is sustainable and conducive to the goals of the business.

• The attention must be focussed on the entrance to the property and both soft and hard landscape play an important role to achieve that.

• Use the landscape to channel the behaviour of visitors, tenants and employees when visiting the property. Provide areas where people can relax, sit down or interact with the landscape. It will change the identity of the business.

• Make sure that the landscape still complements the property by ensuring that the scale is right for the building, this will ensure a harmonious environment.

• Ensure that there is proper maintenance of the landscape to provide an identity that is positive and make a good impression.

Aside from the maintenance and renovation of the building the landscape can play the greatest role in changing your business identity in 2019. It is therefore important to get a professional landscaping company to assist you with the changes that will be needed.