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What to Explore Milan More than City


Milan is known to be the most beautiful cities in the world. By visiting this city, you will be overwhelmed by its rich historical and modern cultural significance. If you don’t have any idea what to do in Milan, then this guide will prove to be helpful.


The charming cobbled streets of Brera are the home to the powerful and affluent people of the city. It is a fabulous place to watch and do window shopping. You will get here every single thing that your heart desires. This cool and young place will surely make it an incredible shopping experience. Fashion boutiques at this city will leave you amazed. If you are visiting this place, then don’t forget to visit Caffè del Carmine. This is the best place to rest your legs and enjoy a well-deserved brew.

Museo Novecento

This is the best place known for abundance of religious art.  This place is devoted to the Novecento art movement that developed in 1920. Other highlights of this place include Picasso painting. As this place is crowded by a large number of tourists, it would be struggling to get reasonably priced drink and food. Still there are a few restaurants from where you will find a cheap lunch.


Castello was built by the Duke of Milan in the 15th century. A trip to this place makes it the most cherished experiences in Milan. Take a free walk through the grounds while enjoying the grace of the well-conserved construction at this place. The route through this place will lead you to Parco Sempione which is the most charming park in Milan. For people who want to spent their holidays in a peaceful and quiet place, for them Castello is the best place.

Navigli canal

If you are curious to see the exciting nightlife of Milan, then Navigli is the ideal place to visit. Here you will find youthful atmosphere as a lot of students live here. This place gives a glimpse of hipster culture to the Milan city. A construction site by the Naviglicanal is transformed into a calm and serene grassy place. This is an ideal place to sit back and get immersed in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Monumental Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery is the best place to spend some quiet moments reflecting on yourself. The craftsman that goes into the graves makes sure the respectful atmosphere of cemetery. Don’t miss to visit Corso Como if you coming to the Monumental Cemetery. This place will provide you a lot of clubs and bars that are more expensive than Navigli.

Parco Sempione

Not many people are aware that Milan has fabulous parks! One of the best parks is Parco Sempione that is also a cool place for architecture lovers. It houses several different constructions from the 20th century.This is a fabulous picnic spot. http://www.tripindicator.com/milan-day-trips.html is the most credible website that will provide you all the information that you need to make your holiday trip effortless and hassle free. Book your tickets today.

Ways to select your perfect tour company

The below tips will help you find the perfect tour that is eco-friendly, inexpensive, and offer the best local guides:

  • Research the cost
  • Ensure that the firm has knowledgeable and trained local guides
  • Ensure that the firm follows all the necessary safety requirements. It should be qualified by your local government and other apt trade organizations.
  • The company should provide services that aim at reducing wastage and promote an eco-friendly environment.
  • Check about the group size
  • Learn about their reputation in the market


So, if you are getting confused about what places to visit in Milan, then the above list will give you clarity.