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Concrete Services in Toronto


Concrete is one of the best and the most widely used construction materials, and this can mainly be attributed to its strength, versatility and durability. It can be one of the hardest materials to cut or penetrate, especially when making door or window openings, when installing utilities or during renovation. For this reason, when working on any project that requires cutting, sawing, drilling or scanning through concrete, it is very critical to involve experts.

Concrete Services Offered in Toronto

While in Toronto, you can find great companies that usually offer superior concrete services to many different kinds of clients. They have professional staff members that usually employ top-of-the-line equipment that enables them to handle jobs of different scopes and sizes. Whether you are in need of precise concrete removal or even concrete scanning in Toronto, these experts are well-equipped to assist you. They can handle:

  1. Concrete Scanning

When scanning any concrete surface, the experts usually employ Ground Penetrating Radar technology, which helps in locating any objects that could be embedded deep in the concrete. The technique normally uses high-frequency radio waves together with electromagnetic energy in order to image concrete as well as other surfaces. Here, a special type of equipment is normally used to send radar pulses into the surface and based on how they are bounced back, they are able to determine what objects are underneath. If you want to drill or saw through concrete and are looking for experts in concrete scanning in Toronto, these companies can help.

  1. Concrete Coring and Drilling

These experts can also core or drill through the toughest concrete surfaces. They normally serve clients across multiple industries, including plumbers and residential home builders who want to run pipes through different rooms. These contractors have vast experience, skills and the right equipment, including diamond-tipped drill bits that are strong, tough and very efficient. Their core drills usually operate without any vibrations and are known to offer very smooth cuts. Moreover, they can drill both horizontal, as well as vertical holes, depending on your unique needs.

  1. Concrete Removal

If you have just completed a project and have concrete materials that should be removed, these experts can also help with the removal. They are equipped with excavators, bobcats, cranes, A-frames, hoists and trucks that make their work easier. Some of the benefits of hiring these professionals include:

1) Instead of spending hours of back-breaking toil trying to remove concrete junk and debris, their team will clean up your site in a quick and efficient manner.

2) They will safely handle any loose pieces of concrete that could be potentially dangerous to you, especially if you do not have the right protective gear and tools.

3) They will handle all the hauling and transportation of the materials to safe disposal sites or recycling plants.

These professionals can also handle concrete sawing, X-raying, concrete replacement, and excavating, among other tasks. Moreover, they normally offer 24/7 services, which make it possible for you to contact them even in emergency situations. If you are in need of professional concrete removal, or concrete scanning in Toronto, these companies are fully equipped to help.