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What Are The Innovative Ways To Control The Crop?


In this age, when everyone is asking for modern technological things, there is great demand for biopesticides. They are produced without using any type of chemical. Natural botanicals and microbiological sources help in producing biopesticides. They have very useful and beneficial agricultural applications. It means that they are great and effective for pest and fungi control. Diseases, which are caused by pathogenic bacteria, can be treated with biopesticides. It is because of adverse effects of chemical crop control due to which people are moving towards residue free food. Biopesticides are considered to be by far the most effective thing to use for protecting the crops. To understand about them in simple words, you must should that they are an alternative to traditional and previously used chemical-based pesticides. The best part is that they are very safe for their neighbor fauna.

Following are some of the benefits of biopesticide for growers or farmer.

  1. When the crops are protected by natural things then the chances of their yield and high quality of crops become very high.
  2. They can be used as a supplementary treatment during pest management process.
  3. If they are used on crops, along with other conventional pesticides, then it can result in better food safety and will leave zero or little residue.
  4. They work well for strategies of resistance management.
  5. Great for IPM programs.
  6. Biopesticides are useful for the improvement of efficiency of treatments while making sure that people remain least affected by the chemicals.
  7. It all depends on their application. If they are applied properly then they help biological control creatures to combat the pests and ultimately play a significant role in other controlling strategies.
  8. They are the major reason of least health risk of humans as they leave no toxic residues behind.
  9. Once sprayed thoroughly on the crops, biopesticides work great to stop the evolution of crop pests.
  10. They can have good compatibility with traditional chemical pesticide sprays and biological pest control means.
  11. The cost of producing and preparing biopesticides is considerably lower than the cost that is incurred in the preparation of conventional chemical pesticides. The companies producing chemical pesticides must produce a wider range of biopesticides.
  12. There are hardly any chances of spreading environment pollution when using these crop protectors.

On contrary to the pros of these natural agents, there are some cons which you must know.

  1. There are chances of considerable susceptibility that biopesticides may adverse certain environmental conditions.
  2. They show relatively slow results as compared to traditional chemical pesticides.
  3. They are not as robust as chemically prepared sprays. Therefore, the growers must gain sufficient knowledge regarding their efficient use so that they could reap the best outputs.
  4. They are difficult to be cultured in bigger quantities.
  5. It is somehow difficult to analyze the right time to use biopesticides.
  6. When using these natural pesticides, then it becomes compulsory to take many other controlling measures in order to get the best possible results.

If you look at the bigger picture then it will not be wrong saying that there are major and significant advantages of using biopesticides on the crop yields, quality of crops, environment and most importantly, human health.