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The Different Applications of an Oxygen Generator


An oxygen generator is a machine that supplies purified oxygen as a gas stream through a mask. It uses a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method. There are portable kinds that people who have difficulties breathing can carry on with them. However, they are used for far more than breathing machines. They have many kinds of applications across multiple industries including laboratories and hospitals.


The medical field is the top industry with highest levels of demands for oxygen generators. That’s because they are often required for people in comas and surgeries. They are also a required device by the FDA and USP for all hospitals. These devices help the people breath and receive as much oxygen as possible to save their lives.


Oxygen generators are used in different type of laboratories, but the main gas used is usually Nitrogen instead of oxygen.  Pharmaceuticals used nitrogen to keep chemicals frozen. They also use them for blanketing, inserting and sparging. Other laboratories such as photo labs, chemical labs, and food-grade oil producers also use nitrogen generators. It’s used to subdue bacteria and algae growth. Nitrogen generators can be used in glove boxes and controlled atmosphere storage facilities to keep them inert.

Fish Farms

Fish farmers have a high number of fishes and other aqua lives they need to keep alive and healthy. Part of the health is a normal oxygen saturation in the fish tanks at all times. By delivering pure oxygen to the fishes, farmers ensure fast growth, better health, and the maximum population density. The fishes will also experience less stress and diseases which will increase profits. Therefore, fish farmers often use oxygen generators to provide the necessary amount of oxygen to the fishes.

Wastewater Treatment

As the world clean water supply is dramatically decreasing, it’s becoming more important to have wastewater treatments. Wastewater treatments supply clean water to the world and they need oxygen generators to do that. Oxygen increases the effectiveness of removing pollutants. It keeps aerobic bacteria alive and increases regeneration time. The bacteria are necessary in treating wastewater. They break down organic matter to stabilize and clean the water. Clean drinking water also needs to have injection of oxygen to for the perfect oxyanion water.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Gold and all other metals are easily oxidized by oxygen at high temperature. When gold is oxidized, it loses its color. Therefore, jewelry manufacturers don’t want oxygen present when they’re melting gold. Those large furnaces provide the ideal temperature for metals and oxygen to react. Nitrogen generators are used instead to remove oxygen from the air. Nitrogen protects the jewels.

The world has a very high demand for oxygen generators whether it’s to provide pure oxygen or pure nitrogen. Noxerior provides a variety of products to meet any industries need for on-site oxygen generation.