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The Immense Benefits of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers


If you are running a factory, you are probably aware of the stringent conditions that have been set in different states in US to ensure that your operations are safe. The rules and regulations also make sure that the activities that your company engages in are safe and have an overall positive impact on the surrounding. Most of the set regulations are mainly concerned with the management of waste incurred by the air pollutants. As such, regenerative thermal oxidizers have therefore become a very effective method of treating air pollutants. They are effectively applicable in quite several manufacturing facilities as they can treat a number of emissions. This keeps the operations costs of the company low while the companies still adhere to the rules and regulations.

Hazardous Air Pollutants and Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds are popularly known as VOCS are dangerous gases that are a result of the hazardous emissions. They are also toxic to human beings and can lead to very severe health complications. Under some circumstances, the VOCs can lead to smog and relatively reducing the visibility.

Hazardous Air Pollutants

Popularly known as HAPS, this type has more negative impact than the latter. Emissions that the government has classified as HAPS have also been observed to be cancer causative agents. People living in areas that have previously had exposure to HAPs have been noted to give birth to children with birth defects. Cancer cases are also prevalent in such areas. Several environmental watchdogs around the world have thus come with designs and practices to reduce the impacts of HAPS and VOCs. Such organizations include the EPA. This is exactly where the regenerative oxidizers come into the picture.

Benefits of Using RTO

These devices use principles of thermal efficiency and simple airflow designs making them more effective as compared to the traditional oxidizers. The regenerative oxidizers have excellent HAP and VOC destruction rates. Additionally, the set ups also produce water, carbon dioxide and heat as products of the process. They are also reliable and can be expanded easily as your factory grows too. They are highly cost effective. As mentioned earlier, these devices are cost effective as they enable reuse the heat generated. RTOs are not only extremely efficient but also surprisingly simple and practical. Their simple design rarely requires any repairs.

High Thermal Efficiencies

These amazing master pieces of engineering can hit a 97% heat recovery efficiency. Only minimal amounts of fuel are needed to use it. They also reduce the operating costs considerably as compared to the amounts of fuels that could be required for the traditional oxidizers.

Parting Shot

The emissions from different industrial set ups can cause lots of damage to human populations living in surrounding areas. Following government regulations while in the manufacturing arena ensures that you remain away from trouble with the government. Contact us for more info about regenerative oxidizers.